Hey guys!!! I need your opinions!!!

So I’ve been talking to this guy for 8 months now. He is in a relationship, so he is cheating on her. He has been engaged to this women for 2 years but had been in the relationship for 4 years. She has a son from a previous relationship whom is just like a son to him. When things were going good with him and I, I thought he was leaving her. He always seem sad/depressed. He was always telling me how it’s terrible to be in a relationship with the wrong person at a young age but I can’t walk away from my little man (their child). He never and still doesn’t talk about her to anyone. He wouldn’t say nice things about her when I tried to pry it out of him in the beginning. We were so positive that she knew he was cheating. She would do stuff on purpose that would make him stay home. She’d get up and leave her son or she’d make him go get her something, etc. 

The problem is she asked to have a baby about 3 months ago. She became pregnant then too. He jumped on it. The one thing he’s been wanting most of his life was a child. He’d always ask me if we could have one. So I knew as soon as she asked he would. Believe me I even thought about doing that. I’m positive that is what she did! 

So Thursday at work, he stares at me and says, “I really do love you, you have no idea. You’d be a great wife. I wish things went differently. We could have like 3 or 4 kids together. He said who knows in a year or two it might be the same as before. Do not EVER loose contact with me. The future is not set in stone. I don’t wanna loose you.” 

Funny thing, he hasn’t married her yet and he has a strong belief about marriage. He won’t marry someone he doesn’t fully love. He’s told a few co-workers that he doesn’t seem himself marrying his fiancé.

We were at my work talking with some friends and he made a comment about, “I don’t care if I die”. He always makes comments like that, almost like he has nothing to live for. 

Yesterday, he came over for a few hours before I had to go to work. Last night, he told me he’d be here at 8 am. At 7 however he texted me saying, “they’re still here for some fucking reason. I’ll bet there at 9”. I was upset yes, but I still get to see him. Nine came and he sent a pic of his son sitting on the couch and said they still here. After that I stopped responding. He texted 15mins later and said, “I will still be there.” He then texted saying, ” I know you’re mad my love and I’m sorry but I’ll be there soon”. “Leave the front unlocked for me to”. He ended up coming over around 10am. He said he rushed into the shower once they left, and sped here. He walked right through the front door and into my arms. He gave me a huge hug and we just stood there for a while.

He was really into getting deep into conversations about the future. About my beliefs of what a man and women should do in a marriage, etc. 

When he came over, he mentioned his hand a few times. It was obvious he broke his pinkie and pointer finger. Apparently, his fiancé and him got into another fight and he punched a wall. He said it took him so much to not punch her. They literally just woke up and she started arguing with him.

He’s changing a little each day now. He has to work two jobs now to afford the baby. He has been smoking weed :/ more than ever. He never talks about her to anyone still but he will become all excited to talk about the baby. He wants to get home super early now when he use to just wait around work or anywhere. 

When it was time for him to leave, I kept saying I don’t want to go to work and he said I don’t want to go back home.

She’s pretty far along in her pregnancy now but I have questions for you guys.

Do you think the pregnancy/baby will bring them back together?

Am I absolutely stupid for sticking around because I believe they won’t last?

Should I no longer stay?

Will they ever break up?

How do you think this will turn out?

I’m tired of only having my own opinion so help me out guys 🙂


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