The hospital 


I was working on a Sunday night and my mom pulls up to the side of the building. I was outside with my co workers, bringing in donations, I really wanted pizza so I asked if she would get me some. At that time, I didn’t know she found a “suicide” note of mine that I wrote. I didn’t know my father was sitting in his car on the other side of the parking lot and that my mother was driving by to make sure I wasn’t going to run away. 

I get close to being done with work and my mother keeps texting me asking how much longer will it be till I get home and everything else. She normally never cares where I am or anything about me. I knew something was up and I knew she had to be sitting outside in her car still so I told her to go home. She stayed however. I followed her home and I parked my car right infront of the house. I didn’t know my father was following behind me too. I was already tired for the day from working all day, waking up early and my feet were killing me. She stops her car right in front of mine but doesn’t turn it off. She tells me my pizza is in the car and to hop in to go get slushies. I told her I didn’t want any but I’ll go anyways. I’m texting my best friend Nicole the whole ride there because I realized something was wrong. My mom was being too nice to me and she was actually wanting to talk. I noticed she was going the wrong way so she tells me we’re going to run by my aunts house to get coupons first. All of a sudden, we’re on a highway and we exit off at a hospital. She tells me we’re meeting her at her work, but I knew this wasn’t where she worked. I got out of the car anyways, still wearing my work uniform. My dad just starts to walk up on me and places his hand on my shoulder, that’s when I flipped. I knew they were going to check me in. Suddenly, my relatives start coming out from behind cars. My mother and father pretty much fight me to the ground and pull me and everything. They start yelling for security. They push me to the ground a few times after I try to release from their grips. I call nicole on the phone and she hears me yelling for help and everything else. 

I realize there was no point in struggling anymore, that I was out numbered. I walked inside the building with a parent on each arm. A whole bunch of security men and police officers started walking around me, they start to guard the door as my mother checks my name in. I’m forced to walk to a room in the far back of the hospital. Two nurses tell me I need to put this stupid gown on so my parents exit the room. I had to take everything off that belonged to me and I had to fight them to let me leave my third ear piercing in because I just got it. They told me I might try to kill myself with it so they cannot but I refused. They took my cellphone and clothes, bagged it up and put it in my locker outside the room. Both doors were locked at all times. Doctors came in and out to ask me questions and run tests. I had to do 3 blood tests, a urine sample, a hair sample and they wanted to do a lie detector test on me. That’s when my parents found out that I’ve been involved with my manager. It was written in my “suicide” note and all my journals. I wrote about every little detail about my life in those journals and my mother just stole them. I know she has probably read them too, especially by now. 

They declared I was suicidal and that I needed to spend time there. It was already 2 in the morning at that time. The declaration was made by the first doctor who saw me because everyone else got to go home for the night. Of course, that was the doctor who just saw me kicking and screaming because I didn’t want to go in. She didn’t even ask me one question. I told them I wouldn’t voluntarily go in so my mother was going to have to sign over my rights. I made her soo mad by telling her I never liked her (which is the truth since all the things she has done to me since I was little) and she walked out the building. I called my dad right before that though telling him I didn’t want to go home with mother and I asked if he could please pick me up. Since she left the building, I obtained rights for myself again. My father didn’t think I was suicidal (which I’m not) so he said there was no point to keep me here. I was there for about 8 hours hating my life, watching tv and wanting to never talk to my mother again. That night was worse than probably how I described it here, but you still get what went on. 
Since the incident, my mother has told all my family members on her side. My cousin even made up a story saying I posted something on Facebook about running away with my manager. They all just wanted to start more shit. My mother told everyone that I have been seeing my manager, which was so embarrassing. My mother came into my work and made a big scene looking for my manager (Daniel). She told my other manager that I was having sex with Daniel. She told some of my co workers everything about my life. Recently, she called HR about the topic and supposedly sent them my journals which document every little detail about my relationship with Daniel. 

I lied to HR and I told them I didn’t have any kind of a relationship with him. I later called my mother up to bitch her out. She laughed in my face and told me good job for lying to HR and that they knew I was. 

My sister since then has told me I deserve whatever punishment I will receive and that she no longer looks up to me. My brother seems to not know what to think about this topic. I no longer speak to my mother. She says she kicked me out of the house but I say I was going to stay with my father anyways (which I hate). I pretty much am unhappy with either of the places I live at. My grandma likes to call me all the time now and just start crying on the phone. I haven’t talked to anyone else on my moms side since then. I cancelled my graduation party last weekend because I no longer want to see any of them. My co workers like to call me the side hoe now. It’s a nickname of mine that has seem to become very popular. So I told my sister she can join the line of people who are diassppointed in me with the choices I made, the people who call me a side hoe now or the people I no longer can and want to associate myself with. 

I lost everything since I started to talk to my manager. I even lost him recently. He has rekindled his relationship with his fiancé and they have a fucking baby on the way now.

When did everything go to shit!
Wednesday 23, 2017 🌺


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